Nightwear has a big history, dating from the ancient time sleepwear, dressing gowns, and nightcaps have served to keep the body and head warm of people who lived in cooler climates with limited indoor heating. People’s views of morality and existing customs have also had an effect on the relevance of sleepwear.

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The nightclothes originally worn in Europe since the Middle Ages were inspired by the styles of Egyptian, Roman, Asian, and Indian costumes. In the past, sleepwear was usually home-made and the prevailing patterns were simple and easy to assemble.


              The pyjamas introduced in Europe in the seventeenth and the eighteenth centuries were the adaptations of the harem pants worn in Southern and Western Asia.


                  The name pyjama (pajamas or pj’s) originates from the Hindustani word “epai-jaima”. Coco Chanel (1883-1971) was the first designer to promote a line of attractive lounging and beachwear pyjamas, and to persuade women that pyjamas could be as flattering as the traditional nightgown. 


In the 17th and the 18th centuries, the term nightgown denoted an informal morning gown, house dress, or banyan worn by both males and females. 

The style for the original dressing gowns was inspired by the kimono and banyan worn in the Far East and in India for many centuries. 

In the twenty-first century, companies started to offer nightgowns including romantic old-fashioned cotton “nightdresses”. Later comfortable oversize knitted sleep shirts came as fashion.

Now sexy satin baby dolls, shorts set and nightdress reflecting the many roles and moods of modern women.^3543AA7FB967BC0B7DE46B987CEBF2F1038285792A13F67F2A^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr


Bold and beautiful, thoughtful and decisive, unique and distinct are characteristics profile of the most intellectual zodiac sign “AQUARIUS”. Glam girls celebrate your birthday this month, yes this month is Aquarius month. Those born under Aquarius, the 11th sign of the zodiac, are typically inventive, original, and want to make the world a better place.

Aquarius follows a different fashion trend than the current. They set up their own fashion goals and trends. You girls are born in the month like some of our glam girls Jennifer Aniston, Isla Fisher, Emma Roberts, Brandy, Kelly Rowland, Oprah Winfrey, Christina Ricci, Mischa Barton, and Denise Richards. This free-spirited bunch is also known for wearing effortless, boho styles. You can find the following traits in an Aquarius closet.



  • Aquarius is very choosy in colors they always go for bright pinks or bold blues. Coral & fuschia are the best colors in their closet 

  • Never a fashion follower, Aquarius woman is often positively contrary, swishing around in maxi dresses when minis are  “in” and inspiring trends of her own.

  • The retro look suits best for Aquarius best. 

  • Aquarius woman loves to dress in a simple way. She will go for comfort over fashion, any day. 

Tips to bring out your inner Aquarian beauty: Accentuate your sparkling eyes with a pretty blue or violet shadow, toss your hair back into a carefree ponytail, and spritz yourself with fragrances that are citrus-based, crisp, and airy.

Glam Girls


For this New Year get the ‘New You’, get the toned body, confident mind and look. This is the time to care for your body and soul. 

You deserve the best always, so grab your favorite workout attire and a pair of shoes, indulge in your favorite exercise session to shed those extra pounds and keep your mind and body active.

                              “Age is no barrier it’s the limitation we put on our mind”

So it’s never too late for anything to start. Set your mind and make a new target and move on. Let’s get some good advice from our fitness freak.

                          BIPASHA BASU – LOVE THE BODY YOU LIVE.

Our Bollywood diva follows a disciplined lifestyle and a workout plan to maintain her vital stats 36-28-36, every girl’s dream for a fab body. At the age of 37 she has released 2 fitness Dvd’s, let’s see our glam girl’s secrets for a fit and active life.




She enjoys eating simple home cooked Bengali food. Her diet includes egg whites in whichever form possible, steamed fish, nuts, green tea, vegetables like broccoli and mushrooms etc.


She follows a complete workout regime and an alternative one also. According to Bipasha monotony workout causes disinterest, her advice is to make changes to keep workouts enjoyable and fresh. Adding kick boxing  , aerobics or a Zumba session will make your workout more interesting.

  • Complete upper body regime.
  • Abs workout.
  • Lower body and legs workout.
  • Gluteus regime. 


One should love oneself to love your body. ‘Enjoy being who you are’ is her mantra to a happy life. Our diva firmly believes that one needs strong determination and discipline to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.


                                  JUST HIT THE GYM AND WORKOUT

                                     REJUVE YOURSELF WITH ATIVO


Take care of your body it’s the only place you have to live in”

Your workout attire is as important as your workout regime. So choose the right clothes for your workout session to get the trendy look. ATIVO is a brand designed passionately for women who love to look cool even when they sweat. Let’s check out the most amazing stuff of ATIVO for your “stay fit” time.


For your Workout time:

It’s 6 am, hit the Gym with this super comfort Capri and shorts with fluo waistband and tank top. Pair it up with your favorite sports shoes and head Band to get the complete workout look.

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A good morning walk or jog is the best way to get the feel of morning breeze and stay fit. Grab this ribbed capris, layered tank top and hoody from ATIVO. Pair it with your favorite jogging shoes and start your day.

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“Charcoal Rose Short Set”


One of our most loved short set in Slumber Jill, this alluring style is our bestseller in short set category.

  • Super comfort short set is made in the most soothing and comfortable fabric cotton, which stays soft against skin.
  • Top with rose neck piping and button detailing on the Tee this set is truly the cutest way to unwind.
  • The button tab in the sleeves and the pocket detailing adds great appeal to the style.
  • Pairing with the cute shorts is the most adorable way to have a great lounge time. Lounge or cuddle into your bed with this short set.

“Pink Grey Flower Chemise”

pink aop

All over floral printed peach color chemise, coral color lace with sweetheart neck, with adjustable shoulder straps.

  • Floral prints are all time dazzling style in the babydoll collection.
  • A cute v neck in lace adds great look to the style.
  • Knee length Chemise in A’ line silhouette is the most spectacular style

“Yellow/Green Selfie Sleepshirt”

dip dye

A Sleepshirt for you with the charm of dip dye colors and an ode to Self.

  • The craft of the dip dye adds adorability to the style
  • The slub jersey fabric adds great appeal to the style
  • 3/4th sleeves and mid-thigh length style is perfect way to lounge in chic fashion.

“Pink Grey Flower Capri Set”


This bewitching Capri set is one of the best sellers in Slumber Jill collections

  • Pink top with contrast pocket, has a v neck with grey trims is the uniqueness of the style
  • Short sleeves with all over print cuff  is the coolest feature.
  • All over print pink color Capri with elasticated waist band is the best way to match this top.
  • Let yourself be yourself in this perfect Capri set for your “me time”


#2#Love your body # Know your shape # Flatter your figure #

Love yourself love your body, eventually your soul and mind will be happy . Shape of each woman  varies  according to  their skeletal structure and every woman in unique and beautiful in their own way. Brilliancy in choosing the style and color will give you a flattering look. Here are simple and effective tips and tricks in this blog for our lovely pear shaped women to get the gorgeous look.shape 2

Pear shaped women are well proportionate but have gained little weight in their lower body. Have you got Pear shape then you are in a good company with Shakira, Kim kardashian, Rihanna, Jennyfer Lopez. And here we have our Bollywood divas Ileana D cruz, Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor.

  • Your best assets: Slim arms, defined waistline and curvier bottom.
  • Your Challenge: Narrow Shoulder

The secret is to balance your body with appropriate clothing and accessories to get the ravishing look.

Our Aim is to create a slim lower body proportionate to your upper body, elongate your figure to get a sculpted look.

For the toned look:

  • To get a perfect fit and look, use a fitted push up bra with a lower body shape wear to get curvier look.

For your best assets:

  • Dark colors slim down your bottom and will give you a nice look.
  • Clean and tailored lined bottoms, a line skirt or a flared skirt is the best add on to your bottom line.
  • Wear pants or jeans that have a flared bottom to draw eye away from your hips.

Flatter your upper body:

  • Tunic tops and fitted dress are your best buddies will give you a great look.
  • A longer jacket or a cute blazer creates a long, lean line and covers the hip area.
  • Detailed neckline with necklaces or plunge neckline will draw more attention to your upper body
  • To look more sexy always try to expose your shoulder especially for pear shaped it’s the most sexy in their figure


  • A great pair of earrings and a fabulous necklace will make you look gorgeous.
  • Have a scarf around your neck to look cute
  • Clutch purses and bags that sit on your waist is a perfect choice.
  • Pointy toed shoes with wide pants give you a great look.

Tips to maintain your looks

  • Strengthening exercise like push-ups will give your bust a toned and defined look.
  • Squats and lunges to build muscles in your lower back will give you a toned and curvy structure.

We would be happy if you can drop your comments and share your experience with this style tips